This is the part where you usually read a long bio about my life and accomplishments but I think you can get to know me better by reading some little tidbits about me.

  1. I lost my father. He was my encourage, light, and best friend. My loss ( his gain, Amen) changed a lot of how I view the world. It has also become fire to which I live my life. I want to be sure that I honor him. I want to show him all the neat things that I got to do with my time on this earth.
  2. I despise, with a strong passion, when people say they want to do something ( repeatedly) and they never do anything. This most likely comes in the form of complaining or complacency. Either way, they have stated really dislike something or want to change something and they never get around to it. Every week, it’s some excuse as to why it hasn’t been done. This…aggravates…me. Sooner than later, I stop asking about it, and even further later, I stop coming around altogether. #can’tstandthatmess
  3. I am easily pleased…by nice things. I say nice but usually, that means expensive. I have learned that I am not in the financial position to achieve those nice things sometimes but the desire is there. One day I will buy a house. One day I will own a Tesla. One day I will visit Bora Bora on a whim. These things will happen but all in the Lord’s timing. Until then, I will continue to learn what it means to prosper in any situation, broke or not.
  4. I am a mom. Yes, I am somebody’s mommy. I am the madre of a tiny human. I really can’t believe that a small person thrived inside my person until they were able to be birthed into the world. I am honored every day that I get the chance to shape a life. I am also thankful as my baby is first out of three to make it out of my womb. Let me also say that I don’t have time. My house is a mess. I’m lucky to have my mind by the end of the day. It really does take a village. Being a parent is hard. I need more breaks. I miss sleep. Other than that, mommyhood is good.
  5. I love organizational, paper, stationery products. I legit get lost in Staples or the journal aisle at T.J. Maxx. I have way too many journals unwritten in and too many pens but I don’t care. I am in love with pretty, paper products. They just set me life on sparkle. ( yeah I said that)

Well, that’s it, folks. Those are 5 random things about me that are way more interesting than bio about my master’s degree in business. Feel free to send me some electronic mail if you MUST know more.

and thank you for reading this too. You rock.