you will begin when you end

the “you” that currently exist won’t be the same “you” that inherits God’s promises.⁣

It’s not reasonable to think that you are ready as is.⁣

you’re not.⁣

the ways you think now,⁣
the things you do now,⁣
the ways you operate now,⁣
the ways you show up now,⁣

are merely fragments of the new creature that’s waiting on the other side of your laziness, your pride, and your self-sabotoging ways.⁣

the old must pass away as it won’t be what elevates you, only the dirt that grounds you,⁣

leaving evidence amongst the memories of the person you used to be.⁣

adapt the willingness to shed the old.⁣

new wine requires a new mind.⁣

your end is where you begin.