Courageous action= Consistent cash flow

cultivate courage, kill your comfort zone and create consistent cash flow in a safe space where faith meets business growth

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – ancient African proverb.

Here’s the thing: As entrepreneurs and business owners, we often start off doing everything on our own. We buy all the tools, all the courses and all the programs so we can become more strategic. Better marketers. Better businesspeople. And we do it on our own, unknowingly sacrificing our spiritual and mental health.

lost in the sauce of your own schedule, super busy, but making very little progress.

unfulfilled and overwhelmed by all of the things you need to get done for Jesus and for yourself.

unheard and undervalued by those who don’t understand your faith or your business.

what if there was a safe place where you could...

get the necessary nutrients  to feed your spiritual and business diet, without going through the trials of  entrepreneurship on your own.

The reality is, you can be grateful, supportive, humble AND put yourself first to pursue purpose and profits at the same time. 

You see, you have to stop letting those emotional blocks weigh you down. Stop feeling ashamed of who you are, dismissing the vision God has given you. 

And hear this … It’s time to shed the self-doubt and self-judgment. In fact, now’s the time to move mountains and be prosperous.


The Courage Academy

a high action, high-accountability monthly membership  community for Christian creatives + entrepreneurs.

When you join the academy, you get access to special perks including:


Customized Action plans

Weekly Action Plans with your own personal Christian business coach who tracks your patterns and suggest practical improvements.

Focus and Insights

Double your focus, clarity, and productivity with 1:1 courage calls to track your progress and maintain consistency


Encouragement and prayer infused right into the call for a solid spiritual and business foundation

Double your productivity.

finally become the one who get things done. 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey there freind,

Listen, playing that self-sabotaging role of the unwise and fearful is the old you.  Here is your chance to uncage your mind and your spirit, so you can say yes to  God’s promises that are already in store and waiting for you. 

All you need is the right encouragement and motivation to get you to see your  worth, envision the path and take the first step into a life filled with hope, purpose and victory. 

And I, the Candid Encourager and MBA Strategist, will teach you how to  dismantle the feelings of overwhelm, and coach you into clarity, productivity and  growth. 

As your accountability partner, I provide a tough love stance that puts your  challenges and strengths into focus, so you know how to set and achieve goals.  

It’s time you answer your calling and claim everything He has set aside for you.  Join us now so I can show you how to do precisely that.

it's time for you to make both impact and income

your purpose-filled future is waiting for you to courageously walk in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel at anytime and have full access within our app to do so without fuss or hassle.

Yes, and it was created for them from the content, classes, and everything else in-between. 

We value our safe space where we can freely love Jesus and pursue ALL of our goals without all the religious side-eyes and money-hungry heathens stares.


We have our own app, sis! You can log on, communicate, access the live sessions, and take our classes right from our app that easily downloads to your phone.

No. You just need to have a goal or an idea. We can work with that!

The coaching call are catered to the level of accountability and style you choose based on the courage call questionnaire your fill out before your first call. 

The calls are highly focused and made with your busy schedule in mind. You can expect your courage call to last 15 -20 minutes.

You can email and I will answer them for you.

Pursue your purpose and profit

double your productivity, activate your purpose, and unleash your profit potential by join Christian creatives and entrepreneurs from all around the world. 

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