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Business Accelerator for Christian Creatives + Entrepreneurs

Build a wildly successful business with your God-given vision, make an impact, and quit that day job.

“For years and years and years, I have been praying for some sort of guidance, some sort of guidance, some sort of steps as it relates to entrepreneurship, but not only that Christian entrepreneurship and so when I found Build It Brave, I knew I was in the right place.” – Hayden

I prayed for this and God answered my prayer by sending me Build It Brave.

First Off, I would like to thank God for creating Sasha and giving her this purpose to provide a faith-based program for the next generation of entrepreneurs. I prayed for this and God answered my prayer by sending me Build It Brave. Words cannot describe how amazing and fulfilling this program is. You HAVE to join to understand how I feel. Sasha is God sent! She is spirit-filled, knowledgeable, kind, patient, and so down-to-earth. She really knows her stuff! This isn’t a course where you get information and then you’re left to figure it out on your own. Sasha not only provides amazing content; she also makes sure that she is available to you every step of the way.




A Business Accelerator for Christian creatives that utilizes the Momentum System™ to help you achieve massive clarity, obliterate comfort zones, develop a deeper relationship with God, and show up consistently all while building a wildly successful business.

  1. Create a customized action plan to maintain your mental, spiritual, and physical health according to Proverbs 31:17, “She equips herself with strength [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task] And makes her arms strong.”
  2. Increase your emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, and courage through asynchronous coaching.
  3. Map out your strategic cash flow plan based on your lifestyle, capacity, personality, and business model and then we will implement it during the program under the accountability of an MBA-certified business coach.
  4. Intentionally help you cultivate and strengthen your relationship with God, then yourself, and then your business. In that order.
  5. Develop and deepen your resources and relationships with a community by means of strategy calls, masterminds, classes, and social events.
THE ONLy way to go up is with Jesus by our side!


Build It Brave™ Planner

Over 95 pages designed to help you stay consistent, increase productivity, and build a deeper relationship with God. FREE when you join!

What’s waiting for you

take your seat at the table


The Momentum System + Monthly Classes + Tons More


Live Coaching + Accountability


A community of brave Christian Creatives from all around the world.

Build It Brave is for you if:

YOur 6-month Timeline:

You’ll begin your journey in Build It Brave with a 7-day prayer challenge that covers 7 unique pillars to address deep and latent issues surrounding your life and the lens through which you process them. Although it says 7 days, it has taken many clients more as they work through the challenging issues it presents.

The Mental Phase is dedicated to renewing the way you think. You’ll unpack concepts that challenge the way you look at your creative work and yourself. Each lesson is meant to be deeply convicting, with bible-based evidence and practical steps for implementation. Some lessons include topics on wealth and worth, hustle culture, confidence, handling opportunities, and faith. Bring a pen!

The Environmental Phase is one of the most challenging and rewarding phases of the program. The keyword is Habit Formation. This phase is designed to help you restructure the environment you live in to support the emerging 7-figure CEO you are. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will systematically be building new habits that support your health and wellness based on Proverbs 31:17 AMP.

She equips herself with strength [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task]
And makes her arms strong.

Using the Momentum System, you’ll develop 5 strategic core habits to support the business owner and not just the business.

The Entrepreneurial Phase teaches you how to formulate your business from the ground up. It’s designed to help you hone your own unique skillset, increase your love for research and development, formulate an in-depth business plan, and move from idea to impactful business. Topics range from marketing, business model formulation, business basics, and tools and technology.

The Diligence phase is all about putting in the work. Diligence means:

steady, earnest, and energetic effort : devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking ( Merriam-Webster)

In the diligence phase, you will join action-oriented challenges to boost your effort and increase your output. Each monthly challenge helps push you to a new level of success. Use our collaborative planner to mark your progress and join group masterminds to cultivate higher levels of excellence. When you’re ready to rest, take a month off to recalibrate, then jump back in and pair your faith with deep, diligent work.

Hear from Build It Brave Members on why you should join:

“I love that in Build It Brave, our first week was a prayer challenge because Sasha was like we have to get our minds right with God. We need to talk to God. Like I know you what you think your business is going to be about, but I need you to talk to God, and I think that was life-changing .” – Danielle

“I found it or it found me during a time of me just feeling so alone, me feeling like I had to do everything by myself. I’m just happy that I don’t have to do it by myself anymore. I have people to be able to speak life into me and to be able to confirm what God has told me about my business and about my purpose.” – Nande

 of course, there’s a guarantee.

If for any reason you decide that this program is not right for you, you cancel at any time. Just send an email and it’s done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Build It Brave is $497/mo with a 12-month commitment.

Step 1: Apply with the “Apply now” button and fill out the application and be as detailed as possible. Detailed answers give us a preview of your work ethic and scope of vision. Short and sloppy answers are a red flag and will ultimately lead to program denial.

Step 2: Look for an acceptance email letter and make a payment within 24 hours.

Step 3: Complete your pre-work and enrollment task list.

Step 4: Attend your 1:1 Courage Call to develop your personalized strategic approach to achieving your business goals. This call includes onboarding and community training.

Step 5: Join the community and begin phase one of the program.

The Build It Brave Accelerator has 12 Month curriculum. The program is designed to help you move from an idea to a successful, thriving business which requires more time for business, spiritual, and personal development.

We have our own app, sis! You can log on, communicate, access the live sessions, and take our classes right from our app that easily downloads to your phone.


We value our safe space where we can freely love Jesus and pursue ALL of our goals without all the religious side-eyes and money-hungry heathens stares.

Nah, sis.

No. You need NOT apply. God Bless.

You can cancel at any time. Just send us a DM or email and it’s done.

I have been plagued by inaction in entrepreneurship for years and I can honestly say this program is the first time I’ve seen actual movement and action on my part.

I see coaching programs all of the time. I have always been hesitant to invest because, up until this point, I hadn’t found a program that integrated faith, business, coaching, community, and accountability well. Built It Brave did NOT disappoint. Sasha is a phenomenal coach, mentor, friend, teacher, and prayer warrior. She will kick your butt in the nicest of ways. You know she is listening to the Spirit on behalf of her clients and brings that word to them with kindness and consistency. I have been plagued by inaction in entrepreneurship for years and I can honestly say this program is the first time I’ve seen actual movement and action on my part. The material is Gospel-centered but practical, fun but convicting, informative but space-giving, in depth yet flexible. Investment always takes risk and a leap of faith. If you are considering if it’s time to take your leap of faith, your investment will be well placed with Sasha! I do not exaggerate when I say this has been life changing!

The Rooted Journal


I’m Sasha Ledawn, Encouragist, MBA Strategist, and the founder of Build It Brave, a faith-centered program for Christian creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. In this premium program, I teach you how to dismantle feelings of overwhelm, and coach you into clarity, productivity, and growth, by first focusing on your business, spiritual, and personal development. 

Right now you might struggle to see your worth, envision your path, and take your first or next steps into a life filled with hope, purpose, and victory. And another business toolkit isn’t going to help with that. That’s why I’ve filled this community with candid encouragement for a better life and business. 

Listen, Build It Brave is your chance to uncage your mind and your spirit, so you can say yes to the promises of God that are already in store and waiting for you. 

As your accountability partner, I provide a tough-love stance that puts your challenges and strengths into focus, so you know how to set and achieve goals for your personal and professional life.

It’s time you answer your calling and claim everything He has set aside for you.  


When I say this program fell into my lap because of God and God alone… listennnnnn – Sasha is out here doing the Lords work with excellence!!!

As a multi-passionate creative, I’ve struggled with narrowing down a scope of focus for years. I’ve felt paralyzed to begin many many times that it has left me unsure where to start as it relates to building a God-centered business. Sasha has structured Build it Brave completely around not only finding your passion and pursuing it, but pursuing it with God’s vision! It can be scary & challenging but there has not been one moment since being in this program that I’ve regretting signing up. He honors us taking steps towards His purpose & vision for our lives & Sasha partners right alongside with where God wants to take you! 10/10 for Build it Brave 💖🙏🏽 signing up for her program is one of the best decisions that has come out of 2020. Thank you for who you are & what you’re doing, Sasha