In short, I am a woman who encourages other women to own their hardships and build empires out of them.

Not long ago, you would have found me in my car driving past the same bridge on my way to work. This bridge wasn’t anything significant or historical by any standard. It was just a plain old bridge that I knew in my heart was the perfect place to end my life.

I dreamed about it daily and no one knew. My family, my friends, my husband would’ve all told you I was completely fine and that’s because they believed my smile.

I know all too well how someone can appear to be thriving on the outside but hopelessly fading on the inside.

Thank God my story didn’t end where I designated it to. The freedom I thought I would gain in an ending has now become my beginning. My purpose has shifted to creating roads of life that others can walk down through words. Words have power and with them, I can grab someone out of the darkness. I can give them a hand the understands and uplifts.

If anything, please remember this: Life is Possible. Whatever situation you find yourself albeit a low valley or lonely mountain top, abundant life is still a possibility for you. You can take that dirt and grow something amazing with it!

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